opera:config ( Opera Preferences Editor – editor de configurações avançadas )

agosto 4, 2008

Assim como existe o about:config do Firefox e do Seamonkey, em que se pode ajustar manualmente e profundamente o browser, o Opera tambem tem esta opção e so digitar opera:config na barra de endereços ( ou clicar nos links da tabela abaixo), e um leque de opções aparecerão, aqui e terreno para muitas horas de testes, o Opera e o browser mais avançado que existe, muitos programadores o usam e o pessoal do software livre chora por ele nao ter seu codigo fonte aberto, o que é uma pena.

Opera Preferences Editor
Opera Preferences Editor

The following are some useful opera:config entries.

Entry Description
BitTorrent|Enable Enable file distribution using BitTorrent
ECMAScript Available memory for JavaScript engine in kB
Highlighted Background Background of text that is highlighted (after a search for instance)
Highlighted Background Unfocused Background of text that is highlighted but has no focus
Highlighted Text Color for text that is highlighted
Highlighted Text Unfocused Color for text that is highlighted but has no focus
Selected Background* Background of text that is selected
Selected Text* Color for text that is selected
DiskCache|Size Disk cache size in kilobytes
Frames Show Active Show active frame with border
IFrames Enable inline frames
ISP|Id! Custom user agent substring
User agent with custom string ‘Tamil’.

Opera/9.50 (Windows NT 5.1; U; Tamil; en)

Enable Content Blocker Enable content blocker
Enable HostName Web Lookup Use Web service to search if server name lookup fails
HostName Web Lookup Address URL to Web search to use if server name lookup fails
Password Lifetime Expiry time in minutes for master password in memory
Keep Entries Days Days to keep entries in transfer manager
Addressbar Content Search* Enable address bar content search
Allow Empty Workspace Permits the last tab to be closed
Alternative Page Cycle Mode Page cycle mode to use when cycling without displaying list of pages
0 = Recently used order
1 = Page bar order
Application Icon!, Windows Full path to alternative icon file.See How to customize Opera icon & title?
Auto Dropdown Allow auto completion dropdown
opera:config#UserPrefs|BrowserJavaScript Whether to download and use the browser.js file. Enable by setting to 1, Opera will then download the file and set to 2.
0 = Never download or use
2 = Use and check for updates weekly
1 = browser.js signature invalid. On next check for update, a new browser.js will be downloaded and the value set to 2.
Cache Directory4 Full path to cache directory
Check For New Opera Keeps track of weekly check for new updates. Set to 0 to disable. See How to disable check for new version of Opera?
Color List Row Mode Alternate background colours in lists.
1 = light blue (default)
3 = white (off)
Ellipsis In Center Shorten button and tab names in the middle
Enable Edit Triple ClickUNIX Handling double clicks in text edit fields.
0=Double-click text to select all
1=Double-click to select word, triple-click to select all
Enable Usage Statistics Enable usage statistics sent to Opera. See Help us help you! for more info.
Enable config URL Enable opera:config
If you want to enable opera:config after disabling, close Opera, delete the line Enable config URL=0 in opera6.ini file.
History Navigation Mode 1 = Automatic mode
2 = Compatible mode
3 = Fast mode
Read more about history navigation.
Ignore Target Disallow documents to create new windows/pages
Max Direct History Lines Maximum numbers of typed-in URLs
Maximum Font Size Do not allow fonts larger than value in pixels
Min Allowed GDI ResourcesWindows Attempt to free system resources when low by value in percentage
Number Of Hits Preferred number of search results per page.
0 = Use search engine’s own default
Google only. To work in other engines, you have to append &x=%i to search engine address where x is search query name for number of results. For Google, http://www.google.com/search?q=%s&num=%i
Open Dialog Under MouseUNIX Launch dialog where mouse pointer is already located
opera:config#UserPrefs|Scale Default document zoom, in percent
Scroll Is Pan* Enable grab-and-scroll mode. Alternatively, hold down CTRL+ALT and then click & drag the page to enable on the fly scroll.
Show Address In Caption! Display URL rather than page title in title bar
Speed Dial Search Type Set to 0 to remove Speed Dial search bar
Speed Dial State Available options:
0 = Folded (“Show speed dial” message)
1 = Normal view
2 = Read Only (Hides “What is Speed Dial” & “Show speed dial” buttons)
3 = Disabled
Title Main caption on title bar. Shows standard caption by default; Page title and Opera. Add “%s” to display Opera’s build number. See How to customize Opera icon & title?
Use Integrated Search Use available multi-search field or “Find in page” field instead of dialog for “Find in page”
opera:config#UserPrefs|UserJavaScriptonHTTPS Allow User JavaScript on secure servers. Use with caution.
Visited Pages* Enables content search
VisitedLink|StrikeThrough Strikethrough on visited links

! = Requires Opera restart
* = Available in Opera 9.50
UNIX = Available only in UNIX
Windows = Available only in Window

Fonte: Opera FAQ’s, Tips, Tricks & Tweaks


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